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Our Experience :

Management Consultancy and other services

We provide advice and services in the following areas

* Financial feasibility studies.

* Market research.

* Evaluation of Enterprises.

* Economic studies and executive selection.

* Registration of branches of foreign companies in Libya.

* Company formation mergers.

* Registration with the Tax Department and the Libyan Chamber of Commerce and Industry along with the Social Insurance Offices.

* Human resources assessment.

* Assistance with procedures relating to customs duties.

Social Security services.

* Investment opportunities in Libya, based on the interpretation & implications of:-

* Law No. (5) for the year 1997, Concerning the Encouragement of Foreign Capital Investment.

* Law No. (7) for the year 2004, Concerning the Encouragement of Tourism.

* Law No. (9) for the year 2000, Concerning the Regulation of Transit Goods and Free Zones.

IBRAHIM BARUNI, was born in 1942, he is the Chairman and founder of the firm of IBRAHIM BARUNI Public Accountants & Consultants (IBAC). His mission has always been to offer his clients a complete range of high quality, professional services and to provide opportunities for his staff to qualify to the highest international standards.

  • Profession services offerings to some of our clients :


* Al Nahr Company Pipe Manufacturing & * Al Nahr Company Pipe Manufacturing & Construction.

* ABB Sweden for power.

* ABB Germany for power.

* Highway Service Company.

* The Joint Organization for Establishing Centers.

* ZTE Chinese Corporation for Telecommunications.

* ENMA for importing food..

* United Company for Tourism Investment.

* Al Qaddafi international Charity Foundation.

* Alstom Company for power.

* Aramex International Limited - Group.

* Hospital Engineering Company.

* The Green Land for Agriculture Utilities Company.

* Industry and Construction Engineering Company.

* Libyan Malizian Company for Construction.

* Gunny International for Water Works.

* Gulf Helicopters Company.

* UMAS Contracting International Company.

* Alwatania for Industry Building Materials.

* MASS for Importing  Medicin and Medical Instruments .

* The International Company for Medical Instruments .

* Libya Insurance Company .

* Unicast LTD for Construction .

* National Arab for Cement .

* Libyan Cement Company.

* Umma Bank.

* HCM Arabia Co. for Roads and Constructions.

* Gulf Company for Engineering & Construction.

* BAUER for Foundation & Construction.

* SIAC for industrial & Engineering.

* Sahara Insurance Company.

* Waha Bank.

* United Insurance Company.

* Bank of Commerce &Development .

* Industrial Corporation & Engineering Company.

* Arriada Financial Holding Company.

* Estate Investment Company.

* AMAN Bank for commerce and investment.

* REC Turkish Company for Constraction.

* COREX UK Ltd. for Oil Services.

* Gazprom Libya B.V. for Oil & Gaz.

* CPC Corporation, Taiwan.

* Greystar UK Corporation for Oil Services.

* Gunny Oilfield Services.

* Sinam for Oil Services.

* National Investment Company.

* National Banking Corporation.

* Tripoli National Bank.

* Libyan Foreign Bank.

* ABB Swiss for power.

* Jumhoria Bank.

* National Commercial Bank.

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