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Ibrahim Baruni of Accounting ,Auditing , Consulting:

Dear Customer,Since 1965, the firm of IBRAHIM BARUNI certified Public Accountants & Consultants IBAC has enjoyed your confidence whilst becoming one of the leading firms in Libya in the following fields: Accounting , Auditing, Taxation, Management ,Consultancy and other services Throughout more than 44 years ago, you and a very large number of other companies have entrusted us with your full confidence. IBAC has been proud to render its assistance to you and many other national and foreign companies, both public and private, who are active in the Libyan oil, gas, water, banking, Insurance, construction and utilities sectors. Some of our clients are global players who have been active in Libya for a very long time whilst others are coming to our country for the first time to explore its many business opportunities. Since 1993, and for 15 years co-operation with KPMG, one of the largest professional services organization in the world, has helped to ensure the provision of high quality services in accordance with well-recognized international practices and standards. As throughout the last 50 years, IBRAHIM BARUNI certified Public Accountants & Consultants is always available to render you the assistance necessary for the success of your enterprises in Libya .


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